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GC-TS 2023

First Global Collaboration

on Traumatic Stress


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GC-TS Conferences Planning Committee

consists of (alphabetically),

Jinhee Huyn, Nancy Kassam-Adams, Miranda Olff, 

Monique Pfaltz, Carolina Salgado, Soraya Seedat,

Ulrich Schnyder, and Rachel Williamson.


It our great pleasure to invite you to join us for the 

First Global Collaboration on Traumatic Stress (GC-TS) Conference

12-14 December

Vineyard Hotel and Conference Centre 

Cape Town

Welcome Letter

It is truly exciting to be hosting the 1st Global Collaboration on Traumatic Stress (GC-TS) Conference between 12-14 December 2023 at the Vineyard Hotel and Conference Centre in the vibrant, cosmopolitan and beautiful African city of Cape Town.

On behalf of the organising committee, I warmly invite you join us at a landmark meeting where science will be coupled with very enjoyable social activity.  

This conference will bring together leading researchers and clinicians from around the world to strengthen existing collaborations and forge new ones on topics of global importance related to traumatic stress.  In addition to providing state-of-the-art presentations on traumatic stress across the life course, the hybrid format conference, provides an excellent opportunity for South African and other African researchers and clinicians working in traumatic stress or related fields to establish long-term partnerships with experts and institutions across the globe. From a capacity building standpoint, the conference will support young researchers – including masters and doctoral students- to learn from and network with international experts, share their own expertise and identify opportunities for professional development with collaborating groups. In addition, the GC-TS Steering Committee and the wider community of conference attendees will have the opportunity to develop and shape the strategic plan to guide the next 5 years of activity of this Global Collaboration.

I look forward to hosting you at a historic venue that was in the year 1800 originally home to the diarist and artist Lady Anne Barnard and husband Andrew, colonial secretary to the Governor of the Cape of Good Hope, Earl Macartney, and is in very close proximity to famous sites such as Table Mountain and Kirstenbosch Gardens.


See you in December!

Soraya Seedat
on behalf of the Organising Committee (Miranda Olff, Ueli Schnyder, Stefanie Freel, Georgina Spies, Jacqueline Womersley)

About the Conference

Advancing knowledge and collaborations

The conference will cover all GC-TS themes, including (cross-cultural) assessment, prevention and treatment of traumatic stress, and will feature renowned international speakers such as Prof. Dr. Debra Kaysen, Prof. Dr. Monique Pfalz, Dr. Rachel Langevin, Prof. Dr. Denise Hien, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schnyder and Prof. Dr. Miranda Olff, as well as speakers from the region.

We explicitly invite both international participants as well as South-Africans and others from the region in the spirit of connecting and collaborating on topics of global importance.

There will be ample time for networking, for cross-cultural learnings, for discussion on key topics in psychotraumatology and we will create opportunities for local-global research partnerships. 

Find more details on the location, program and registration here.

We are pleased to announce that we will be accepting abstract submissions for poster sessions.

About the conference
Program, Registration
The organizers
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